Due to space and funding limitations, we may not be able to accommodate all applications. It is strongly suggested that applicants register via their affiliations as early as possible, and then complete on-line registration through the OCPA2010 website ( as required.

Registration Instructions:
·Complete the form first, then click on the submit button.
·Upon receipt, a confirmation number(your ID number) will be sent to you automatically by an email.
·Please do not resubmit your registration, email us in case of any changes at


On-Line Registration

If you can not make your registration through the OCPA2010 website for some reasons or you want more information about the school, please contact:

Ms.Jingshi ZHAO(赵晶石)
CSNS Project office(散裂中子源工程办公室)
Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS(中国科学院高能物理研究所)
19B YuquanLu, Shijingshan District(北京市石景山区玉泉路19号乙)
Beijing 100049,China

FAX: 86-10-88235967

TEL: 86-10-88235967



Participants from Taiwan can contact:

Diana Lin



30076 新竹市科學園區新安路101號

電話: (03) 578 0281 分機 2345

傳真: (03) 577-5778



Deadline of Application

The school application deadline has been postponed to June 15, 2010. Acceptance notifications will be sent out on or before June 30, 2010.


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